Amber is the fossilised resin produced by the sap of ancient trees which were living many millions of years ago. Although classified as a gemstone, it is unique in that it isn't a mineral; attested by the occasional appearance of 'inclusions' within the amber – leaves, stalks, flowers and even complete insects which were trapped by the sticky sap and eventually entombed.


Baltic amber, dating from about fifty million years ago is found along the southern and eastern shores of the Baltic Sea. It isn't mined or quarried; it washes up naturally on the beaches and has been prized and sought after for its beauty and mystery for thousands of years, to be used in not only jewellery, but also in ancient religious ceremonies as a magic or spiritual charm by priests and shamans; traded over long distances between different cultures, all entranced by this unique gem...and its origins speculated over by scientists and philosophers throughout the generations.