Sterling Silver is the official United Kingdom designation of an alloy consisting of 92.5% by weight of silver and 7.5% other metals; mainly copper. The origin of the term 'Sterling Silver' is controversial, with several rival etymologies being suggested; however there is general agreement that the alloy was first used in northern Germany several hundred years ago along the Baltic coast – rather appropriate considering that all our amber jewellery is made with only genuine hallmarked or certificated Sterling Silver.


Baltic amber and Sterling Silver – a natural and time-honoured combination: these two high quality raw materials are worked by our craftsmen back in Poland to produce beautiful and spectacular jewellery that will amaze and entrance you and your family for generations to come.


Our product range consists of rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces and brooches.


Traditionally amber was valued higher than gold due to its exceptional beauty, healing properties and mystery; and people believed that wearing amber on your person, in close proximity to your skin could protect you from evil, highlight a woman's natural beauty, calm nerves, preserve good health, and even attract wealth and good fortune. Looking into a gemstone in an amber ring, necklace or earring as it catches the sunlight supposedly even sharpens your eyesight – an intriguing way to start a conversation....or maybe something more.


Like all of our amber jewellery, our amber pendants feature natural Baltic amber in a range of colours and transparencies, the most common colours being cognac, green, yellow and black cherry incorporating a wide range of densities and opacities; some amber even has visible insect or plant'll not find that in any other gemstone – obviously, the larger the individual piece of amber, the more likely you'll discover an inclusion.


Our choice of amber bracelets is as wide as anywhere on the web, offering some rare, beautiful and spectacular examples of most of the available varieties and colours of Baltic amber; see how each individual stone of the bracelet catches, reflects and refracts the light differently.


Amber is kind to the skin, so you need not worry about wearing one of our chunkier amber necklaces; in fact, the soft caress of amber will remind you of past intimate encounters...with the promise of more to come.


Our amber brooches, featuring either one large gemstone or a variety or smaller ones are either designed to show off the natural form of the larger piece of Baltic amber, or incorporate a more artistic, naturalistic or representative design when using several smaller pieces. We have many examples of both to choose from; all at extremely competitive prices; please refer to the relevant section on our webpage 'How do you keep your prices so low?'


We don't just pride ourselves on our low prices though, but also the high quality of our Sterling Silver and Baltic amber jewellery as attested to by the many positive testimonials we receive from delighted customers – so why not join them and buy your loved one an unusual and totally unique gift this Christmas...something to amaze and enchant them – finest quality Baltic amber and Sterling Silver jewellery from Amber Pleasure.