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Amber Pleasure is a trusted company that deals with Baltic Amber Jewellery. We are proud to say that after selling jewellery on eBay we decided to add the option of an online shop where we can offer better prices and a more flexible way of presenting and selling jewellery. Our eBay shop can be found here. We have shown that our products are the finest quality and represent superb value for money, which is reflected by the positive feedback left by our online customers.

All of Amber Pleasure's items are located in the UK and were handmade in Poland from original Baltic Amber and .925 Sterling silver.

All our jewellery is brand new and has been correctly hallmarked. We do not deal with plated or bonded silver. All of the pictures were taken by us; they show the actual product that you are buying.

Our policy is to constantly create new designs to make our jewellery both fashionable and interesting for our customers and business partners; but our priority is to augment and show off the natural beauty of the amber stones we use, by utilising the highest quality work of our silversmiths. We only use genuine Baltic amber in a variety of shades to emphasise the best features of each stone.

Amber radiates sunlight and solar energy, transmutes negative moods into positive energy, promoting positive thinking and attitude. A good luck charm for travellers. Activates the solar plexus and root chakra. Amber revitalises mind, body and soul.

To all of you, from all of us at Amber Pleasure - Thank You and Happy Shopping!

Amber Pleasure

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